Tasting is Believing. Enjoying the Sweetness of Life.

Candy People is founded on the principle, “Tasting is Believing” and “Enjoying the Sweetness of Life.” These principles drive our business and our candy. All Candy People confection is Free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, and GMOs. Candy People is dedicated to offering the greatest taste experience with natural ingredients at an affordable price.


Tradition of Candy.

Candy People is dedicated to sharing Sweden’s widely popular assortment of "smågodis", which translates into “little candies.”

For any Scandinavian person (Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian) smågodis is part of their culture. Most of the Swedish population grows up with the tradition of "lördagsgodis", meaning “Saturday sweets.” Every Saturday children are allowed to buy their favorite smågodis as a weekend treat. This tradition is the essence of Candy People.


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